Thursday, May 14

Lil' Kim Offers Words Of Advice


"I want to take a moment to talk to all young women about the four letter word…”LOVE”.

Not LOVE for money, not LOVE for sex, not even LOVE for a man or a woman, but LOVE for yourself! Sometimes we have the tendencies to look for LOVE in all the wrong places and seek acceptance to belong and fit in.

But the truth is that we must first LOVE ourselves. The most important thing is that once we LOVE ourselves we are capable and ready to LOVE others.

Till next time…."
-Honey Girl

While some would rather take drug free tips from Amy Winehouse or advice from Chris Brown on how to treat a lady, this is a very powerful statement coming from Lil' Kim--coming from anybody for that matter, but since it is coming from Kim, let's not take a negative approach.

I feel Kim HAS honestly taken her own advice and that's why she is able to share with us today! So instead of writing her off, due to negative media attention for her plastic surgery, let's embrace her for stepping up to the plate as a woman, and not a raunchy rapper, with powerful words of advice.

You followed her lead when she taught you how to "take it in the butt, yah, yazz wha", now let's allow her words to impact the lives of many in a different light.