Friday, May 1

Last Call.


“Attention all aspiring male models!! I am looking for the new face of Sean John,” Diddy wrote on his Official Twitter page Thursday.

When Diddy launched an online competition to find the new face of his Sean John fashion line, all models who ever dreamed of catwalks and runways signed up for the competition & put their face to the test, including 3 of my countless friends-- Jeremy, William, and Albert.

The Hip hop mogul is giving the opportunity of a life time with the launch of this competition. I know how bad these guys want it because I've been in their corner at different periods to witness their hunger. And they all have the structure, poise and demeanor to be the future FACE of Sean John. All I'm asking you guys to do is vote!!! Vote for anyone, if not all 3 of my friends.

These 3 guys have entered this competition and are eagerly awaiting to becoming The future FACE of Sean John. The have been promoting their asses off and I've been riding with them every step of the way.

We have until the end of today, Friday May 1, to cast our votes on Diddy's website , where we can vote for our favorite contender.

William is located on page 2
Albert is located on page 6
Jeremy is located on page 32

The winning contest will star in Sean John’s Fall/Winter 2009 promo campaign.

Thanks for your continued support, these guys need your votes.