Wednesday, May 13

KidduNot: "What & Why" Wednesday

Sex, lies, & video tapes shook & shattered up the web this week... As a few hackers gave us a peak at what skeletons lay in some of the most sought out celeb closets [i.e. Rihanna], our "What & Why" Wednesday list got longer.

From Rick Ross' counterfeit LV's-- to Mariah & Em's pissy nights, everything has been exposed!...& as each bone falls out, our questions roll in...

We can't help but ask...

1. What the hell made today's celebrities think they could take snap shots of their raunchy, scandalous moments & not have them Exposed?!

2. What's with the nipple piercings? New Trend??

3. What's the truth behind the Nick, Mariah & Eminem beef ...??

4. Why does it not surprise us to see Hoopz' steamy sex-tape?

5. With all the recent spotlight surrounding his credibility, Why the hell would Rick Ross rock fake LV's frames on the cover of XXL?!

6. What in the hell really made Ciara think that ridiculously tacky album cover-- would sell units?

7. Why would Danger have sex with Ray J multiple times, unprotected... then claim his pipe game was whack?!

8. Knowing that the minority is the majority on the NBA courts, What the F%#k makes these fans think it's cool to throw out racial slurs... & not leave with an a$$ whoopin??

9. Why does everybody and their momma have their Swine Flu mask on deck, every time they hear a cough?

10. What I want to know is who's responsible for the nude leakage??...& who's next??

11. ... & What i really wanna know is-- Why the hell can't KFC honor my Free 2piece & a Biscuit meal!?

J. Cherry