Friday, May 15

Flashback Friday: Harlem World feat. Mase & Kelly Price- "I Really Like It"

Its safe to say that this 1999 Just Blaze produced record is officially a throwback. This will take you back like biker shorts and wave caps! The born-again Christian Mason Betha, once known as M-A-Dolla sign-E, established a rap group called Harlem World --which consisted of his twin sister Baby Sta$e, Huddy Combs (rumored to be Diddy's cousin), Loon, Blinky Blink and a bunch of other Harlem niggas who would never be heard from again!

Their first single "I Really Like It" featured a thick, heavy-set Kelly Price at the time...and you could have bet your bottom dolla that this group would have stuck around like the swine flu....but shit these cats fizzled out quicker than anyone could blink.