Wednesday, May 13

Chrisette Michelle's Debuts At #1 On The Charts, Two Spots Ahead of Ciara

I've been having a good day, so CiCi won't get it too hard. Let's focus on the positive (Chrisette Michelle) instead of the negative (Ciara)... In fact, I'm not gonna even post that horrendous album cover for Fantasy Ride. Okay, I will...

Chrisette Michelle's last album debuted at #29 on the charts, selling only 26,000 copies. Yet somehow, without hardly any promotion, her newest album managed to sky-rocket to the top of the charts, selling 83,060 copies.

Some might expect me to say something like: talent wins out in the end or that fantasy ride STILL needs a new transmission, but I'm not gonna do that. However, I will note that even with three singles and performances on every major network, excellent promotion doesn't always equal success. Ciara's album didn't perform as poorly as many would have expected. After all of those pushbacks, a debut of #3 isn't bad at all. However, I am a little worried, considering that her last album, The Evolution, sold 338,000 copies in its first week, and this album only sold 80,990 copies. One must ask: has Ciara has officially entered into the same downward spiral that has claimed many of our most prized artists (Janet Jackson, Christina Milian, Ashanti, and Brandy among others)... Or am I just referring to Beyonceitis?

Who ever thought that Chrisette Michelle and Ciara would be in a race for the #1 spot on the Billboard charts, and the soundtrack to a Miley Cyrus' movie would keep Ciara out of the top two?

I digress... Enough about the negative (Ciara). "Epiphany" is a phenomenal break-up song from a phenomenal album. I hope this will be a wake-up call to record execs. If she had got some decent promotion, who knows how much Chrisette Michelle's Epiphany would have sold?

In other news, Ciara is reportedly on the set of a new video. So we can at least be happy that her fantasy ride (see below) is out of the garage.

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