Tuesday, May 5

10 Reasons Why I F#*%s With Electrik Red


Of all the new artists out right now, the ones that are receiving the biggest buzz are most definitely the ladies of Electrik Red. Comprised of Naomi and Sarah (both from Canada) and Lesley and Binkie (both from NYC), this quartet is set to take the industry by storm. So you ask… what is so hot about Electrik Red? I’m about to break it down. Here are Ten Reasons Why I f***s with Electrik Red


(Album Cover for How to Be a Lady, Vol. 1)

1. They can dance – this is probably one of their greatest attributes. Before achieving their recent stardom, they danced individually and often collectively for the likes of Usher, Janet, & Ciara (three of the members were actually in the “Like a Boy” video together).

2. They can sing – They have a great sound and mesh really well together. Naomi appears to be the lead singer, and she sounds identical to the record when singing live. I haven’t heard that many performances, but they’re good in my book so far.

3. They put on a good show – Any girl group that does a “‘Single Ladies’ Dance Break” in the middle of song, and kills it, is worth paying to go see live.

4. The title of their album – It’s called How To Be A Lady, Vol. 1 (you can check the cover art out above), but they dress raunchy (in a good way) and curse like sailors. I love the satire.

5. They are a mix of “Total and Vanity 6” – These are Electrik Red’s words and not mine. I don’t think I really need to explain this any further.

6. They gorgeous – Again, I don’t need to explain this any further. I think the pics/videos take care of that.

7. Production – The-Dream and Tricky Stewart did the whole album in one night. Apparently, they met with the girls and immediately knew what direction to take the album in. If it’s anything like Love vs. Money, it’s gonna be hot!

8. Overall Edginess – “So Good,” the album’s lead single, is about how a girl got d***-whipped by a booty call and now “a bitch [is] all in love”, “We F*** You” takes empowering women to a whooooole new level, and “Friend Lover” argues that having a ‘late-night lover’ is not always a bad idea. They’re definitely giving me Vanity 6.

9. They know their brand – The name Electrik Red immediately signals sexiness, edginess, the 80’s, style, and red lipstick. These ladies embody all of these traits.

10. They Tweet – I think that’s how you say it. Anyways, there’s no point in having fans if you’re not going to tweet to them! All of them are on twitter, and they actually reply to their fans.

I demand that you PressPlay below to watch a performance of "P Is for Power" & “Drank in My Cup” (with the ‘Single Ladies’ Dance Break).

And if you haven’t seen it already, I also demand that you see the official music video for “So Good (remix feat. Lil Wayne)”

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