Friday, April 24

Trey songz @Adrienne_Bailon [twitter love]


Thanks to & their "highly placed source", it's being noted that the 24-year-old Virginia native, Trey Songz has his eyes set on former 3LW star Adrienne Bailon, and has been trying to get at her via Twitter. Trey Songz apparently has had a huge crush on the former Cheetah Girls member Adrienne Bailon for quite some time now.

This week on his official Twitter page, Trey Songz admitted to having a crush on Adrienne since 2003.

"You remember meeting me before I got on? Like 03' In @troytaylor86 basement, Tneck NJ. I was secretly in luv with u," Trey wrote.

The source reports that Trey sends Adrienne countless direct messages like, “She’s so beautiful” & "f***ing gorgeous" just about everyday. The former Cheetah Girls member hasn't given into any of Trey's advances, she simply responds with "thank you" or a : ) (smile)

I thought Trey Songz was in a relationship with a dancer who he met on tour name Helen?....Maybe I missed the break-up, I don't know...But I know Adrienne is still dating Kim Kardashian's younger brother Robert Kardashian.

Look at Trey trying to get in them jeans and break up a happy home...Shame on you!!