Wednesday, April 22

Naturi Finally Responds To The Lil' Kim Comments


Complex mag sat down with Naturi and looked at a few YouTube videos. Once this video of Lil' Kim was brought to the singer/actress' attention, here's what Naturi had to say about it....

Naturi: Oh. I never saw this… All I have to say is, I didn’t write the script, I didn’t cast, produce or direct. I’m just an actress who put in her work. And as far as her saying that I never reached out to her; that is totally untrue. I would never want to play a real-life person without trying to contact them. The acting that I did is because I had a great director, a great acting coach and great co-stars. We did some great work and I’m not going to water down anything because someone feels like they should have had their way. Who knows it could have worked both ways. Talking to someone and listening to what they have to say could make you nervous—you stop focusing, you start doubting your own work, and you start trying to please them instead of focusing on the acting. I’m an actress and I’m going to do me at the end of the day. It’s no disrespect to anybody but I’m here to do me in this world and I definitely tried my best to have the input of Lil’ Kim and it did not happen. And I have so much respect for Kim. When I got the role I was like, I have to speak to Kim, so I reached out to [Lance] Un [Rivera] and there was conversation after conversation with Un but I never got any feedback from Kim.

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