Monday, April 6

KidduNot's NeXt To Blow: Quinyae

Quinyae Singing "At Last"- from on Vimeo.

Quinyae gives you the facial expressions of a Jennifer Hudson, but a voice all of her own. I first heard Quinyae last week at a Spelman (the school in which she attends) talent show. She graced the stage, I glanced up...and quickly back down and remained allowing my Twitter followers to stalk me. I wasn't being rude...sorta blame it on my addiction to this new networking-tool! But within seconds, twitter was no long my focal point....this girl's vocals had my attention as she covered Etta James's "At Last" , blowing all her other challengers off campus. Needless to say, she won the show! 

Since I was caught off guard and wasn't able to record her full set, she offered me a one-on-one performance, which was even better than the first. Take a look! 


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