Saturday, April 25

Have You Ever Had A Dream?

As adolescents, we all dream of becoming a doctor, actor, or a lawyer. While most of us leave it as just a "dream", there are others who make it a priority to achieve this.

Meet William.

He is a model, who as a child dreamed this would happen. William didn't just sit on his hands and wait for that dream to be fulfilled, he went out and made sacrifices to attain that goal.

Now, why do i bring this up you may ask?
Two Words!

Right now Sean John is looking for models for his Fall/Winter campaign.
William is in the running to become the face of this campaign.
So much like we did to get our new president in office, we need to use those same tactics again and VOTE!!
(same picture as above)

With his stunning bone structure and his immense eyes, he can definitely take this modeling industry by storm.

Check him out.