Thursday, April 9

A CHOP! :: The Dream And Christina Milan


Spotted: The Dream and Christina Milan out & about somewhere looking a mess Wednesday afternoon

Ugh, these two again! I don't see it for them!! I can see if they gave me a little something to lean on, but I don't get anything from them...They don't give a Jay-z/Beyonce...Eva/Lance Gross...Sh%*, as bad as it may sound, they don't even give me a Whitney/Bobby! I'm so against this couple. They actually look cheap together if you ask me. Their not consistent enough. They knew the camera's were gonna be watching, why not get it together...?

And Ms. Milan...That slick back-pony tail, with that kool-aid RED lipstick...umm that's a NO-NO! Ya momma should have taught you better than that!

I'm threw....