Thursday, March 5

Who Shot Cha': KodakBoi [Time & Change]

When it comes to photography, I think I'm the best at it in my own way. I don't like to be bothered when I'm taking shots - I like to go out, in-studio or on-location, and get the shots that I'm looking for. I rarely shoot scenic areas, mainly people because they give me more life; life shots are the best. Nonetheless, I never limit myself, so while life shots are a favortive of mine, I tackle & shoot other things as well. Sometimes the shots are pre-planned - when I know what shots I'm going for- and other times, the shot just comes in the mist of the moment. I don't think I've ever been satisfied with anything else as much as I'am with being a photag. Being a photographer you have to donn a good eye, more so then a good camera. Yes, a good camera will produce the vision & make the photo come to life, along with the photoshop & a few other editing programs, which will run you a few coins...But having a "good eye" is priceless....


I had my eye on this infamous piece of art for a while. Back then, the newly, clean, infamous poster of President Barack Obama sat on Howell Mill rd. in Atlanta for several months, untouched. This image was placed on a construction site, after some random political campaigner slammed this image on the site, in attempt to show support towards, at this time, the Democratic nominee front-runner, Obama. The image didn't always look as shown above- It was young, fresh, and new. I waited til the image got ran down a bit, til the rain tampered with it and became a little rough. I knew the shot I was looking for and I knew it could take months before I could capture I waited, and after about 6 months, I got it. 

Photography is all about timing -Timing is everything! A week later, the photo was removed and the building was headed near completion. Luckily, I was able to capture the shot which I envisioned and frame it. Now this rough image, which I coined, Time & Change, sits in my living room as a conversational piece.

Talk about a conversation...

Signed, KodakBoi (The Priceless Photographer)