Saturday, March 28

This Is My Story. Whats Your's?


Misunderstood aint gotta be explained, but you don't understand me so let me explain. Photography is my passion. As a kid I never had a chore, I always opted to play with a 35mm. I felt with a camera I was able to explore life through a different lens, though I am sure that I missed a lot more than I ever took advantage of. In 1992, I began to look at photography in a different light. Hurricane Andrew destroyed all my childhood photos, and left me with little to none at all to show my offspring...or to provide for my VH1 'Behind the....' special. But I had a plan, every kid does right? 


Model: William Lockhart
Photo: KodakBoi
Location: Atlanta, Ga

From that very moment I chose to carry a camera with me everywhere I went to capture every moment of my life, and everyone else's in the process. And it's something I eventually fell in love with. My mission, accomplished! Yea, I got clowned for toting a camera at all times, it's not as bad as being called out for totting a man bag, but I believe in staying true to self. This is what I love to do, everyday. Yea sure, the people I accompany are somewhat annoyed with my passion, but oddly enough they always reach out and leave it up to me to capture those unforgettable moments...Now I'm doing what I love to do and getting paid!

This is my work and this is my story...This is what it reads...What will yours read? Always remember, stay true to yourself and if people feel like they know you, tell them, 'you dont know me, you just believe you do.' The best is yet to come.