Friday, March 27

Rihanna Gets New Tattoo - Is It A Message For Chris Brown?


"I think that if anything did happen with her (& Chris Brown) that the tattoo has nothing to do with it. I wasn't there. I don't know what happened, but she's very much herself. She's very happy, and she loves getting tattoos. I don't think it has anything to do with it." - BangBang, Rihanna's tattoo artist talking to E! News

Yea Right! Since they're reportedly taking time off from each other, I think Rihanna is pre-warning Chris Brown with her new ink -a tiny handgun. Yes it seems subliminal, but to the point. "Chris if you put your hands on me again, It won't be nice" is what the tattoo screams to me-- Yes, Rihanna, actions do speaks louder than words! BangBang, who works out of Eastside Ink in New York, reportedly flew to Rihanna's Los Angeles home to ink the singer's friend, but when she got there, surprise, suprise Rihanna ended up wanting some work done as well. Despite the violent connotations, BangBang insists the new ink is not a reflection of Rihanna's recent troubles with Chris Brown.