Wednesday, March 4

Why Wednesday


Hello my KiDduNotters, this is ''Why" Wednesday, where I simply ask the question "why?" about current news and people.

  • Why is Usher talking about Christina Milian as if his wife is a beauty HIMself? Come on Usher, you know Tameka looks like Ving Raymes in a dress.

  • Why am I sooooo tired of hearing about the Rihanna/Chris Brown smackdown? Everybody knows a couple that fights each other, likes each other.

  • Why is Keri Hilson taking the 50Cent approach at fame? Diss the ones who are already famous? Don't be mad at Bey and Ciara, be mad at your record label for lack of promotion, and at the fans that you obviously DON'T have.

  • Why won't Jay Z get a haircut? All those millions and your hair makes you look homeless. You're already ugly don't walk around wit ya hair all tore up too?

  • Why did Lil' kim do that to her face? Did ya'll see her DWTS interview? She looks like Latoya Jackson, Mrs.Piggy, and Minnie Mouse in one. And did ya'll see how white her skin is? Does this make Kim the first white girl to hit it big from Bedford Stuyvesant? I hope Derek doesn't drop her during a performance, cause there's no telling what body parts might fall of.

    This is Donnovan Truitt for Pullin' Out !