Wednesday, March 18

A Mighty Good Sausage


A sausage consists of ground meat (and sometimes other animal parts), herbs and spices, and possibly other ingredients, generally packed in a casing, and preserved in some way, often by curing or smoking.

I don't know if it's because I miss my momma's home cooking or just my love for food, but one of my favortive things to eat are Garcia smoked sausages. I was basically raised on them. My mom use to buy them and feed them to us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - not because we were cheap, because we had a decent amount of coins. But they were just that good, that you could compliment them with any meal, no matter the time of day. Being away from home, you forget how important the small things are, until you come back to them. Atlanta doesn't house Garcia sausages in there supermarkets, unfortunately they only distribute them to supermarkets throughout Florida. When I came back home I immediately ran to the refrig', saw the Garcia sausage package in the freezer, put them on the stove....and we (Will & I) have been having them for breakfast and throughout our day ever since. Will is now hooked on them! For our morning breakfast, we've been having them with 2 eggs, pancakes, hash browns and raisin bread. The perfect morning fix!


GARCIA SAUSAGE A Symbol of Confidence Since 1961.
Confidence In Knowing That Your Needs As A Respected Customer Will Always Be Satisfied.

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