Monday, March 23

I Liquor So Good She Dont Go Around Beer

Mr. Martin Louis The King Jr is branding this woman really well. Though he is doing everything to keep this woman by his side, there is still speculation as to weather Kanye & his new arm piece, Amber, are truly a couple...or just a plain ol' publicity stunt. Whatever the case, I can't wait to see what stunts Kanye will pulls with his upcoming video and how he will have Amber portrayed in the short film.


By now, we all know that Video vixen Amber Rose is set to star in Kanye's next music video, "Robocop", as a robotic police officer - without second thought, I'm sure she'll be sexy. A vision came to my mind recently while pondering a concept...Now, I'm no renown music video director by any means, but I do sometimes specialize in creating dope music videos in my head, driven by an intense record of course. I'm envisioning Amber's character in Kanye's next video to capture the look of Svedka's (vodka brand) futuristic "spokesbot" - something sexy, but with evil intentions. What you think? I think she could pull that look off... after all she looks damn near identical to the robot.


Wha' cha say?