Wednesday, March 25

10 Ways To KNOW When You're Addicted To Twitter

First it was Myspace...then has become the latest online social networking phenomenon. Being that I am an avid Twitter//Tweeter, I felt it was only right for me the compile a list of 10 ways to KNOW when you're addicted to wanna hear em?? Here they go!!

01) If you WANT to get caught at red lights so you can Tweet and read your @replies...You're addicted to Twitter!

02) If you've ever driven with your knees and Tweeted with both hands while on the highway...You're addicted to Twitter!

03) If you feel like every thought that comes to mind is something that the people on Twitter should read...You're addicted to Twitter!

04) If you ask people on Twitter for answers to questions that you would usually Google...You're addicted to Twitter!

05) If you can't remember the last time you checked your Myspace or Facebook page...You're addicted to Twitter!

06) If you've replied to a text//email starting with @janedoe...You're addicted to Twitter!

07) If you can't enjoy yourself when you're out and about because you feel obligated to give the play by play on everything as it happens, all while Tweeting about the people who are on Twitter that are also there... You're addicted to Twitter!

08) If you know what it means when you see @,#, DM, RT, or (c)
...You're addicted to Twitter!

09) If you notice when you lost a follower...You're addicted to Twitter!

10) If you've ever tweeted things like 'What up my Tweeples?!', 'Datz my Twigga', 'Hello Twitterville' or 'Good Morning Twietnaaaaam!!'...You're addicted to Twitter!

How many am I guilty of you ask?? All 10!!...LOL...yes Twitter is my

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