Wednesday, February 4

Why Wednesday


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I'm Donnovan Truitt and this is Why Wednesday , where I simply ask the question why, about current news and people .

1.Why does 50 Cent always choose to beef with rappers, whose careers are halfway down the toilet . Why doesn't he try to end T.I. and Lil' Wayne's career? Hell, Fiddy's rap career needs a defibrillator too.

2.Why?..... What in the hell would make Rick Ross or anybody else, want to diss Floyd Mayweather ? What is he thinking ? Mayweather is a boxing champ , Rick Ross use to eat donuts for a living . Mayweather, if your gonna hit him, don't hit him while he's in his police uniform , because you get alotta time for that .

3.Why would 50 Cent take Rick Ross's baby momma out and buy her things , but beat his own baby momma up on camera , and then burn the house down where his kid and baby momma live. 50 needs to repair his relationship with his family .. The same way your repaired that big a$$ gap in the front of your mouth.

4.Why does Kanye West always have that "I'm waiting for the short bus to come and pick me up" look ? I know y'all love him, and that's cool, but he was taught in the small classrooms. And why does he have that mullet , looking like a dark a$$ Lionel Richie.

5.Why is Bow Wow and Soulja Boy beefin' ? One is a 1 hit wonder, and the other hasn't had a hit since they was 1 years old .I'd love to see them fight, my money is on Bow Wow , He acts like he's been spending alotta time with T.I..

6. Why does Cam'ron's new video, "I Hate My Job" , look like it was recorded with a Cam'corder ? Don't get me wrong, I like Cam'ron, but I'd hate my job too, if I been in the industry that long , with a video that bootleg.

7.Why does the government bail out rich people, but broke a$$ people like us can't even get a stimulus check? If it wasn't for those damn republicans we'd have a check by now . They approved all of Bush's adolescent decisions , but they won't let Obama give us a lil' change .

I'm stopping here , because I'm really sick ....let me find out one of the Why Wednesdays haters put a voodoo hex on me .. I'm Donnovan Truitt Pullin out