Tuesday, February 24

Travel Light; Think “Outside The Bag”


I dread going airports; I hate delays and I have no patience. But I always find myself at them mainly because, like I said, my patience is low, so I won't allow myself to do more than 4 hrs on anybody's road. Anything over that, buy me a plane ticket and I'll see you in a few hours. I use to travel heavy, but now airlines have started charging for each luggage, and I've learn to itemize my belongings & minimize my bags. It's all about one or two good carry-on's, at no charge! I want to give simple tips on what to include & what to leave out, when traveling to make your trip simpler.

  • Check And Veirfy - First things first, do your homework! Don't pack before you check the Weather Channel. Verify the weather and temperature at your destination city to avoid bringing the wrong set of clothing. This will help you strategize & determine which travel clothes are sufficient enough to lay out & pack! I would hate to see someone in a bubble vest in 80 degree weather!?! When packing, triple folding is key!!!! I find it to be the best way to pack and still have room for more. Though you might have to sacrifice a few items, you'll find it worth your wild when bypassing others who are waiting on their luggage at the airport. 

  • Grab Your Largest Bag Possible -  Bring a bag that you'll get the most out of, like an oversized duffle. Don't pack your bag to full capacity, leave room to spare. You always want to leave room for any extra items you might pick up on along the way. For me, I take "Kennedy" (my man bag) on long trips and it stores everything I can imagine. I could get 5 full outfits in that one bag. So while others may have a word, to two, to throw out about me carrying a man bag, I'm sitting back listening to my iPod, watching them struggle with all their luggage lol. Which brings me to my next point.

  • MP3's - My iPod is a must-have item in the airport. It's light and convenient...and with less luggage to look after, you can close your eyes at the airport and let your music take you to another place, U.K. perhaps? Make a playlist that will have you content and at ease. My travel playlist [ titled- "Out Of Space"] takes me to another world...so it's like I'm always traveling to several different places at once. 

  • Two Is Better Than One - Try to bring at lease two pairs of shoes, wearing the most convenient pair on the plane and packing the other pair. In most cases, two shoes will do! If you are that person who wears a different shoe/sneaker with every outfit, play it smart and tightly store your socks and boxers/briefs INSIDE your shoes, increasing space in your bag for the extra kicks.

  • Zip it Up! - Take all must-have hygiene products with you & pack them all in one bag. If you like to travel in style, Christian Dior has this ‘logo clear plastic shoulder bag’ which is used for carry on baggage's and it's great. I believe most airport security rules state liquids must be 3 oz. or less. The idea is to save time by having liquids visible in a separate bag, so your not held up at security gates. Make sure to remove excess air from the plastic bag - It's all about extra space remember!?!

With these simple tips & only carry-on luggage, you'll have others gagging, while their still waiting for their checked luggage.

Keep in mind: LESS IS MORE!

You'll have less to lose, less to be stolen, less to pack and unpack...and most importantly, less to worry about.

Have a safe trip and thanks for flying with KidduNot