Thursday, February 5

Throwback Thursday: Whitney Houston's Crack Days

Whitney Houston will always be a legend, and as I look at this recent picture (above) of Whitney, I can't help but say to myself "wow, she has really come a long way." However, as Dr. Phil says, you can never learn from the past, if you don't acknowledge it."

Today's Throwback Thursday post will be on the queen herself, Whitney Houston, and all of the antics associated with the Houston-Brown clan. But instead of putting a video up of her Diana Sawyer "Crack Is Whack" interview, the BET awards segment when she said that Bobby Brown was the King of R&B, or the many performances of "I Will Always Love You" that she butchered in recent years, I'm going to post some of the hilarious MadTV spoofs of Whitney & Bobby.

So in many ways, this is a Double Throwback Thursday, because these videos also showcase a moment when MadTV was consistently funny, something that rarely see nowadays.

MTV Icon: Whitney Houston

Whitney & Bobby Invite Diane Sawyer Into Their Home for an Interview and a Peak into Their Christmas Special

WillyTee for KiDDuNot.cok