Monday, February 16

Donnovan's Dilemma


Yesterday, something happened while my wife and I were in the video store that I wanted to share.

Like I said, my wife and I were in the video store getting ready to check out a movie. So, I'm waiting on the white dude that works at the store to get through helping this white lady pick out a movie . So, I hear the white lady and the store worker conversating, and she's having a hard time picking out a movie. She explained to the man that her husband died 10 months ago, and she was looking for a movie to help her with her healing process. So, the man recommends, "The Secret Life Of Bee's." Bad mistake. The Lady looks at the cover of the movie and say's, "The last thing I want to do is look at a movie about Black problems, I don't care about black problems. I can't stand anything black, especially Queen Latifah, I wished she'd disappear," said the bigot.So, I looked at my wife(who wasn't paying attention)and pointed at the woman, and said ,"Do you hear the muthaf#ckin racist tramp?"So by then the woman is on her way out of the door, and I wanted to chase her down and cuss her A$$ OUT!
I thought before I went on.....She's a 50,60, something year old woman who just lost her husband. And as far as "black problems" relating to "The Secret Life Of Bee's"? The white girl in the movie had the problem, and the only problems the blacks had in that movie was racist, ignorant people like herself. So I started thinking, maybe this movie wasn't for her, cause she can always see that storyline in the mirror. And when I didn't cuss her out, I felt like I missed out on something I should've done, but when I thought about it later.....what would she have learned? Her husband is dead, and she still hasn't learned to appreciate ALL people, before they're gone for good. I cuss out this white lady, and she'll play the victim when the police get's there, and I'm in jail while my beautiful wife is at home alone.

So, in the end, I won, because She's the one who has to deal with being lonely, because of her own bigot behavior. She will never experience any kind of love from a person of color, because she's stuck in a box that she has the key to get out of, but she won't use it. So, to all the viewers, when you are going through something that's hard to deal with that makes you wanna do something that you know that you shouldn't, just stop and think first. RESPOND and never REACT unless it's life or death.

So if any viewers have and questions or dilemma's and need or want advice, email me @, and I will give you my advice.Don't let keepin' it real go wrong!
I'm Donnovan Truitt for pullin' out