Saturday, February 14

Daaamn Homey!! Nova Says Cam'Ron Stole "I Hate My Job" From Him

"Big Fish Eat Little Fish"(Dissin' Cam) - Nova

Damn Cam, so it aint so?! Well Cam you don't have to say anything because the proof is in the pudding. Actual the proof is on Nova, who you may know from his Freestyle Friday wins on 106th & Park, has released a video dissin' Cam for jacking his complete song & video for his very own "I Hate My Job". Nova claims he give some music to Skitzo an associate of Cam'Ron with links to his video. Skitzo said Cam was feeling the music but that was the extent of their dealings with each. Fast-Forward 8 months later and Cam has his very own version of "I Hate My Job" as his comeback single on Peep the vids, YOU be the judge.

"I Hate My Job" - Nova (Posted On 6-10-2008)

"I Hate My Job" - Cam'Ron (Posted On 02-02-2009)

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