Sunday, February 1

Daaaamn Homey!!: 50 Cent Fires Back At Rick Ross with "Officer Ricky"!!

Officer Rickyyyyyy...LMAO...Well, I guess Rick Ross got what he was asking for, 50 hasn't wasted any time cooking up his response to Rick Ross' subliminal diss on "Mafia Music" which targeted Floyd "Money" Mayweather and 50 Cent. Even though "Mafia Music" was a dope track and I'm a big fan of Ross, I think he bit off more than he could chew on this one!! Truth is once you're 50's enemy, that's your title for life. i.e. Ja Rule, Fat Joe etc. 50 also taunts Lil Wayne to respond at the end of the 5:17 long Diss Record. Hope these two "Bosses" are big enough to keep this on wax, let's see how it all pans out.

Listen to 50's “Officer Ricky”(Prod. By Mudd Monkey) below

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