Sunday, February 15

Conversational Piece - Prince [Entry 1]


Location: Kat’s Cafe- Atl, Ga

Time: Around 10:30ish

  • Conversation piece - any type of decoration or accessory that sparks interest or curiosity

So I'm at Kat's Cafe, along with Farah and a close female friend of hers, and were talking & drinking over Miscottos. Tonight is labeled "Prince night" -the Dj is spinning his track...and his tracks only! The vibe is nice and the wine is fine, and I notice some women have on Prince-pins, the perfect time to provoke a conversation, right? Wrong! I sparked up a convo into which I wanted answers to from these girls. I've always been curious to know why women find Prince sexually attractive.

Don't get me wrong I love his music and his unapologetic demeanor, he's definitely a legend in his own right, but the make-up, pumps and heels I just never understood and probably I never will. Tho it's never stopped the women from lusting over him, it baffles me. Prince has had a lot of women- not your average woman either, but some bad ones. Bad meaning good! I could never understand the women who want to sleep with Prince. I've always been lost to that fact for years, but there are several women, including the ones at this table, would die to be with a like him....Let me retract that, there's no other guy like him!!

Farah:Prince can get it!!

Kb: But Prince wears heels!?!

Farah: Prince wears heels, but who cares, he's Prince. Prince can still get it!

Kb: I don't understand

Farah: Prince looks a certain way, he's a freakin' sex.

Friend: It's the way he looks at you.

Farah: I like the way he shakes his lil booty across the stage. He's hot!

Kb: And you find that attractive?

Farah: I don't find what he wears attractive, I find him attractive, his swag.

Friend: Thats what it is, his swagger.

Friend: I don't care if he is bi-sexual or whateva, I will turn him out

I left the table with unanswered questions. I still don't get it! Michael Jackson & Little Richard fall into this catogory of misunderstoods. I guess it's not meant to be understood. Prince is simply Prince I guess!....Indescribable yours!

Am I the only one lost on this?