Wednesday, January 28

Why Wednesday

I know you all are not familiar with, Why Wednsdays, but it's a new segment on things that just make you ask the question ''Why?''....

1. Why is Kodak Boi running around with a pocketbook, and calling it a "Man Bag" ? When did they start making purses for men? Tommorrow?

2. Why is Blagojevich acting like he didn't try to pimp out Barack Obama's Senate seat, when there's audio evidence? He knows he was trying to sale that position like the government is selling Fantasia's unpaid house.

3. Why do people want Oprah Winfrey to take Obama's Senate seat? You want her to give even MORE to white people? That would be like going back to slavery.

4. Why wasn't the black people of Washinton D.C. not on t.v. at the Inaguration helping Bush carry his sh#t out the door. We should have all been there!

5. Why does Kanye West want to sing when he sounds like a cat being raped by a horse on top of hot coal?

6. Why was it so shocking to hear rumors of Kanye talking about doing Bisexual porn, like he's never done it before? I thought that's what his first music video was with Jamie Foxx?

7. Why is it, when normal ugly people tatoo their face and dont comb their hair for years, they dont get the same recognition as Lil' Wayne. Lil' Wayne looks like a straight up charity child. Rich as hell, but looks like a broke a$$ yak.

8. Why is MIMS giving out his phone number, when he knows he hasn't made enough funds to pay the phone bill? Well, maybe he has a prepaid Tracphone? You know those 10 dollar phones from Dollar General. Yea, I know ALL about em', recession b#tches!

9. Why wasn't Flava Flav offended when BET asked him to host a Horror Movie Series? Maybe he doesnt realize he looks like a damn gremlin.

10. Why does Barack Obama studder like a child who just got a whoopin'? Those of you who were raised correctly know what I'm talking about. A good a$$ whoopin' will cause you to barely be able to breathe and speak.

This is ''Why Wednsdays'' , and Im Donnovan Truitt for KidduNot pullin' out