Friday, January 23

Were Anderson Cooper and Diane Sawyer Sloshed After Inauguration???

I know I would have been getting plastered too on Tuesday night, if I were not so tired from walking through D.C. from 3:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Certified MILF Diane Sawyer looks a tad bit hungover on the morning following inauguration. Actually, she looks like she got so drunk the night before that she woke up drunk lol...

In her defense, the best remedy for cold weather is a strong drink.

Anderson Cooper on the other hand is clearly inside of a studio looking slightly inebriated:

Sidebar: This video is from Tue Night/ Wednesday, which means that these white people were a little sloshed for only a day or so after inauguration. Black people, YOU SHOULD NOT STILL BE CELEBRATING!!! Inauguration was days ago and we are still in a recession (i.e. you will loose your job with a quickness)