Saturday, January 10

The State of Illinois Impeaches Its Governor & Allows His Senate Appointment to Remain???

It's official... the House of Rep for the State of Illinois has voted 114-1 to impeach their crooked governor, Rod Blagojevich (pictured left). I'm sure you've heard that lawmakers were outraged that the governor was attempting to auction off Barack Obama's newly open senate seat. However, just because a lawmaker is impeached, it doesn't mean that he will be forced to resign. If you remember, President Clinton was impeached a few years back, but he was not removed from office. The impeachment proceedings will move on to a trial with the senate on January 26th.

In fact, the senate would not even allow his appointment, Ronald Burris (pictured right), inside the capitol building to be sworn-in. In order to swear-in as a U.S. senator, you need a couple of signatures from some high ranking officials. Apparently, the Secretary of State for Illinois, Jesse White, refused to provide a signature on Burris's behalf because of the scandal surrounding his appointment. White recently said that he would only sign the document if either the court or President Elect Barack Obama told him to do so. However, the Supreme Court just ruled that the governor's appointment was valid. Sooooooo, it looks like Burris will be filling Obama's senate seat.

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