Sunday, January 4

My New Year's Resolution & Random Country New Year's Traditions

The phrase "Happy New Year" has never meant as much to me as it did this year. Although New Year's Day is just another day of the year, for so many it represents the dawning of a new season in their lives. Considering the state of our nation and the much-awaited inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama occurring in just two weeks, I can understand why everyone is so excited about the near year. My New Year's Day started off on the wrong foot unfortunately, and I already broke my resolution, which is to treat my body better.

However, I am from the South. If you are too, you might know of a couple of traditions that people say will make your new year prosperous. Firstly, on New Year's Day you have to eat "Black Eyed Peas for Pennies" and "Collard Greens for Cash" lol... Sidebar: New Year's is also the only day that you can get chitlins, pig feet, and sock-jawl (when you season the black eyed peas with the pig's jaw) at my house. YEA I'M COUNTRY AS HELL LOL. Another New Year's superstition/tradition is that you will be broke throughout the year unless a man is the first person to walk in the door of your home on New Year's Day. Sound's silly, right? That's not something that we follow. But you can be sure that on New Year's Day we will be eating like crazy!!!


Anyways, last year my resolution was to cultivate myself mentally and focus my energy on academic achievement. This year, my resolution is to work on myself physically. I want to start playing basketball again, running, working out, and eating healthy. Also, I really need to start back flossing and my getting teeth cleaned more often...

I know that may sound somewhat 'simple'... but I usually like to keep to one resolution that implies making a lot of changes in my lifestyle instead of a couple that I'll forget by mid-January. Anyways... Check back on January 1, 2010 for brand new butt-nekkid pictures lol

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