Tuesday, January 20

Mr. 44 Is In The Door

Of course my president is black, but more importantly I'm proud to be apart of history. This day is going in the books, mark it down! We are in ''that'' moment as I blog & you read. We can one day tell our kids about this historical moment, how millions traveled countless hours to stand outside in 19 degree weather to see Barack Obama take the Oath of Office. And how amazing it was! The presidency hasn't look this good since the Kennedys were in office. The Obamas are smart, great politicians, passionate about their country, and of course I have to throw a lil fashion in...they can dress their asses off! This is the American dream...and were are living in it. I'm looking on TV, I see parents, babys, grandparents, grandchildren, Blacks, whites...everyone is out in support of the Obamas on this glorious day. I'm proud of Barack. I'm intrigued by his courage. Barack's inaugural speech were both, inspiring & instructive. He outlined our problems and gave ways to fix them. In his speech, he wasn't only alking to those who supported him throughout , but he spoke to all Americans! He spoke about responsibility, he spoke about seizing the childishness in government & coming together as one....it was truly a moment in time. This wasn't his usual ''Yes We Can'' speech, he came with a different approach and it was well received. American people, Obama is who we need to change this country around. I put my faith on it! This is an American moment...Dr. Martin Luther King talked about black faces in high places and now your words are ever so clear Mr. King...ever so clear!