Monday, January 12

Lil Wayne Donates 50k To Holleygrove Harrell Park

When rappers do wrong they are crucified, but when they do good you rarely hear about it. That doesn't happen here on!!

Lil Wayne
went back to his home town over the weekend to celebrate the re-opening of a basketball court he helped to fund. Weezy appeared Sunday at the Hollygrove upgraded Harrell Park, which he donated $50,000 towards the renovation of. Lil Wayne often says he grew up playing at the park and wanted to help kids from his old neighborhood.Weezy also donated $200,000 to the city of New Orleans through his One Family Foundation to help restore the park’s community center. “The word for today and the word forever is kids,” Lil’ Wayne said. “That’s what it’s for. It’s for the kids. I played for this park, and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to make sure y’all play for this park.” One Family Foundation helps urban youth by engaging them in opportunities to cultivate their talents and skills, educating them to become productive and economically self-sufficient, and motivating them to dream beyond their circumstances.

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