Monday, January 19

KidduNot's Notorious Review: As We Saw It


Aight chall, once again it's boy The Virgo checkin' in. We here at already said 2009 was going to be a "BIG" year, but who knew it was gonna start like this?? Kodak Boi and I were invited to a Private Screening of "NOTORIOUS" the bio pic about the life and death of the Notorious B.I.G., one of Hip-Hop's most revered artists. We hit up Regal Cinema 24 in the "A" on January 15th for the 7:30pm start time, and it was freezing cold outside!! We went in and saw a few industry movers and shakers like TJ Chapman who Co-Manages B.o.B with Atlanta's own B Rich. Prior to gaining entrance to the theatre your name had to be on the list, no cell phones with picture capabilities were allowed and you had to be medal detected. Before the movie started, Rolling Out Magazine gave away Posters and T-Shirts from the film and Rap Phenomenon DVD's to people who could answer various random questions about Biggie. And since I know my shhh I came home with a Notorious Poster and a T-Shirt. Then FINALLY it began.


First off let me start by saying as soon as the film started I began smiling uncontrollably from the excitement of finally seeing the film. It paints a picture of BIG as we all know and love, and also showed the many sides of BIG we never knew. The funny thing about that is there were things in BIG's life that even Voletta Wallace wasn't even aware of prior to viewing the film, saying that she wanted to "slap" him after seeing some of the things he did. Even going far as saying that she wishes she "never saw" some parts, which after seeing the movie is an understandable reaction because it shows the ins and outs of his brief stint a hustler in (Bedstuy) Brooklyn, Ny. I found the most intriguing parts to be the in-dept look into BIG's relationships with the women in his life: Lil Kim, Faith Evans and his mother Voletta Wallace played by Angela Bassett. Never mind the negative thoughts you may have ran across on various Blog Sites on the cast chosen to play the star roles, all the actors casted went beyond the call of duty to bring there characters to life. But I must say the producers could of taken a little more time to find someone who physically resembled Biggie's close friend Lil Cease played by Marc John Jefferies. Derrick Luke and Jamal Willard made you feel like you were a fly on the wall witnessing lives of Puff and BIG first hand. The most fulfilling part of the film was seeing how the BIG-Pac beef started and how circumstances beyond their control lead to the untimely death of them both. The film takes you on a tragically comedic ride from the childhood of Christopher Wallace to the ultimate demise of The Notorious BIG and the heartache his passing brought about. So do yourself AND this struggling economy a favor and go out and see NOTORIOUS...and just so you KNOW how good this movie was I'll be right there with you because I'm going to practice what I preach and see the movie AGAIN!! No-No-No- NOTORIOUS!!

Shout out to our L.A. connect Al for looking out!!

The Virgo Signing Off...
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