Thursday, January 8

Im On Vocal Rest....


Yes, I know what your thinking, ''Dang, that boy can sing too?!?!?''. Now, I have many talents, but singing aint one of them. Truth of the matter is I have this thing called Laryngitis, its where you over use your voice box, which causes you to have mild horseness in your voice, leaving your voice unrecognized. So people have been calling my phone right...& I've been sending them straight to voicemail! Shady you say? Not at all...Im serious, Im on that Mariah Carey shit!! This voice is calling for a break. Its damn near gone. And it's been challenging, cause Im trying to live up to my resolution that I set for myself (as far as communication w/ peers),so I've been on my text game shooting everyone a text, which is just as good as a call if you ask me, until I fully recover. Can you believe people have been texting me about things on KidduNot? lol...if you are attempting to hit me up about anything on here, don't! Just drop a comment in the comment section, that's what its there for. My text inbox on my phone is the wrong one. It aint calling for much, just drop a line! But back to this whole sick thing, it all started with a cold & now its got the best of me! And my voice is gone. Im so over it...I've tried everything from working out(to sweat the cold off) to medicine. I've tried hot tea & honey, that shit didn't work, I've tried that ol'grandma remedy' you know the one with the whiskey? Even that didn't work. I've run out of solutions! Any of you got some ol country ass remedies for ya boy KB? This is not a great way to start off the year, trust me. I feel horrible!