Sunday, January 25

iLike: Every Man Should Jack

C'mon let's be real now, every man should jack!...Enough with the dirty thoughts, stop thinking nasty, I'm talking about a facical here! That didn't make it much better, huh? lol...Real talk, this face scrub is better than a hand-job, or close to it. I'm referring to this male skin-cleanser that you can find exclusively at Target, called "Every Man Jack". Wonder how I keep my face clear and smooth? You better f@#k with Jack, I'm telling you! He's simple, inexpensive & it's not calling for much. $5 is all you need and you can probably catch with my flawless skin (yea right). Though I can't promise you that, I can promise you'll be pleased with Jack and all of it's other countless line of products; body wash, shaving gel & cream, face lotion, soap and hair products. In this $5 price point, how can you not be pleased? This 4.2 0z tube contains botanical extracts which wipes away dryness & irritation to the skin and If you have dry skin like me, I'm sure that will be beneficial to all men alike. Nothings worst than a dry face, trust!


$5 - (4.2 0z)

-Salicylic Acid treats (& prevents) breakouts
-Glycerin hydrates skin
-Organic aloe + Vitamin E help protect