Tuesday, January 13

Help Me Help Myself: U.S.A. Home Of The Free?

Have ya'll ever heard somebody trying to sing a song with headphones in their ear, and they really don't know the words, and they really dont know how rediculous they sound? Well, thats what this reminds me of. Who in the Hell asked Carl Winslow to sing the National Anthem? He must have went back into the slavery days when he said "home of the free",Looking like a big dumb black polar bear . The funniest part to me was when the white dude at the very end said, "Join me in prayer please". It just sounds like dude didn't even try to learn the words. He just went out there and just said whatever he wanted to say . With all those police out there , I dont see how he didnt get arrested for noise pollution. That National Anthem is what caused global warming, I better hit Obama up and tell him . Im sure one of you out there is related to this man......Don't send your family out like that..
I'm Donnovan Truitt for KidduNot.com Pullin out