Wednesday, January 7

Help Me Help Myself: Hood Skittles

Hood Skittles
This picture was sent in by one of our avid readers. I ain't tasting this rainbow! This picture has made me turn against Skittles. Why do my beautiful black women do things like this to themselves? Yeah , Lil' Kim looked hot in ''Crush On You'' with all the colored wigs, but these chicks look like Urban Oompa Loompas. Why was this picture even taken? This must be a commercial for a new Slushy store being built in the hood. The girl with the green hair is smart, you can't see her whole face. She looking like ''I wish a bitch would get my whole face with this Incredible Hulk pubic hair wig on my face''. I just don't know what to think about these Teenage Mutant Ninja Wigs. They all need to be locked up for this, speaking of ''Locked Up'', doesn't the chick with the red hair look like Akon? Lemme find out Akon was modeling wigs before he started his career of hunchin' underaged girls on stage...I bet if you pull the wigs off of their heads, their hair is shorter than a premature puppy. You thought Lil' Kim was mad about Naturi playing her in ''Notorious'', imagine how she would have felt if one of theses chicks made the cast. Help me Help MYSELF by commenting and telling me your thoughts on this situation, and together we might be able to make a difference.

Donnovan Truitt for Pullin' Out