Saturday, January 10

Help Me Help Myself: Ghetto Matrimony

This wedding is more Ghetto than chittlin's itself. Don't get me wrong, I believe in the unity of man and woman , but damn people .. WE GOTTA DO BETTER ...The bride looks like a stripper from KFC ...Now I know KFC don't have strippers, but if they did, that's what they would look like. LOL at the trap tuxedo's and the garbage in the backyard , and the bride's toothless smile. I would really love to be updated on their marriage, so if any of you Reading this are related to them, PLEASE let me know how they are doing. And last , but not least......The DAMN POUND CAKES ...They could've at least tried. They don't have no icing or nothing on those cakes. I bet the flies from the garbage ate half the cake before the ceremony was even over with. So please, Help Me Help Myself, by commenting and sending your pictures or videos to , and we can figure things out together.
Im Donnovan Truitt for pullin out