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NEW COLUMN: 1 Song, 5?'s with Wes Fif

Black Shield Ent. Recording Artist Wes Fif

Aight chall it's ya big homey The Virgo checkin' in with a BRAND NEW Column for all you dedicated readers!! I like to call this column, "1 Song, 5?'s" every time we run across an artist who's out here in these streets grindin' it out, we're gonna try to help em out with a little extra exposure. First up, Black Shield Ent. recording artist Wes Fif!! Wes Fif an Orlando, FL representative has been a familiar name with label exec's and street cats alike and he recently took time out of his hectic schedule to sit down with us to talk about everything from his brief stint at Slip-N-Slide Records to his favorite hangouts. Cover me I'm going in!!

1.) Your current single "I'm Tellin Ya" is gaining momentum and getting high marks amongst Dj's. Who produced it and what do you hope to accomplish with this song??

Wes Fif: That record was produced by my dawg J.A. outta DC, based in ATL right now. Yeah that record is getting stupid feedback, I didn't expect it. I was in "anti-radio" mode when I made that joint-so the reaction from ppl blows me till this day. What I hope to accomplish with the record was to show people that even though Im goin on 6 yrs in this shit, I aint lettin up.

2.) Where does the name Wes Fif come from and who does Wes Fif make music for??

Wes Fif: There is Rd/Hwy that runs E-W through Orlando called Colonial Drive, also State Road 50. Im from the Westside of the city..the gutta. So on my side its referred to as West Colonial Dr, or West 50. I wanted a name that would represent my side of town and my city at the same time. So I shortened the West Fifty to Wes Fif. I make music for any and everybody who appreciates it and wants to listen. It's edgy, in your face, street shit; but at the same time you don't have to be from that lifestyle to appreciate it. Supporters of my music come from all backrgrounds and ethnicities.

3.) Your situation with Slip-N-Slide Records(Trick Daddy, Trina, Rick Ross, Plies etc) was short lived, tell us how u got picked up by them and what lead to you leaving the label??

Wes Fif: I got picked up with them because my man Jullian Boothe was in contact with me and saw the movement and wanted to bring me on board. Creative differences led to the split.

4.) You were featured on the original version of B.o.B's "Haterz Everywhere" (prod by jim jonsin), how did that feature come together and why was your verse removed from the song.

Wes Fif: I ran into the big homey TJ in Miami when he first picked up B.o.B. and he suggested we do something, you know grindin to get his artist out in as many markets as possible. So I sent the track to them for my mixtape I was working on with Bigga Rankin at the time. It got put together, mixtape was dropped, that was that. I got feedback from alotta ppl on the record and it started gettin good support. We sat with TJ and decided it would be best that B.o.B. go forth with it as his single, and keep me on the record. For the record I was never "removed" from the joint. The joint that was in rotation nationwide is and always has been the original. The joint w/ Rich Boy was put together by Greg Street for his mixtape album on Interscope. The initial video had me and Rich on it. There was a second video shot, the one you may have seen that I wasn't notified in time enough to make. That's all.

5.) Last but not least, although you're from Orlando you spend alot of time in ATL, what are your favorite 3 spots to hit in both places?? (You know restaurants, clubs etc.)

Wes Fif: In Orlando I don't have any particular spots, I love the whole city man, that's on everything. If I had to say 3 I'd say Icon Nightclub, Flyers Wings, and any one of the hoods.

In ATL I aint experienced enough of the night life and shit like that to really give you a good answer. I just be handlin business for the most part when im there.

Im what the streets been waitin on..

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His latest mixtape release is called "All Or Nothing" with DJ Obscene, which you can get here:


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