Wednesday, December 17

So... The Cast For I Love Money 2 Has Been Announced....

And by the looks of it, you can expect the same fuckery of the last season...

Here is an exclusive line-up of the cast:

From Flavor of Love Seasons 1-3:

Smiley (a.k.a. Leilene), Saaphyri, Buckwild (a.k.a. Becky), Prancer, Myammee, & Ice

From I Love New York Seasons 1 & 2:

Heat, Onix, Bonesz, T-Weed, Tailor Made, The Entertainer, Buddha, 20 Pack, & It

From Rock of Love Season 1 & 2:

Tamara & Angelique

& From Real Chance At Love:

Milf & Cali

And Yes! The Entertainer and Heat will be back after loosing during season 1...

The Show Premieres on January 26, 2009... And the money-grubbing contestants will again be competing for $250,000 and additional D-List Fame