Monday, December 1

PressPlay: Wale - Nike Boots

Ya boy Wales is finally hitting us up with the video to his single, "Nike Boots".

While on the subject, I gotta give recognition to D.C. for starting this Nike boot FRENZY! You know you a banjee ass D.C. nigga when u own a pair of Nike boots lol!! I can spot a D.C. cat from anywhere, all I gotta do is glance at their shoe game. D.C. cats firmly believe in this boot! A Nike boot is what Air Force 1's are to New York cats. You gotta have one in order to be official. That, or a pair of J's....Make sense? Its definitely a DC thing nevertheless! Now NY, JERSEY, DELAWARE, and even PHILLY CATS ARE ROCKING THESE JOINTS!!!

Shout out to PG County, Simple City, Kenny, Sean, Wayne, Kevin....and all my up north D.C. Niggas! lol