Wednesday, December 17

I Never Had Food This Good

Okay, I was in New York this weekend handling some business and finally decided to hit up Dallas BBQ's in Manhattan, after bypassing it for many years. I won't even begin to tell you how much I deprived myself...The food was so good, I couldn't believe all this good food was under my nose and I slept on this spot. How small of me? I know right! I ordered the half chicken (Honey basted) with fries...and had the sour apple Margarita with a extra shot, boy! Their drinks are no joke! If your ever in New York head over to BBQ's and tell em Kodak sent you!

Half Chicken, cornbread, and fries [Before]

Half Chicken, cornbread, and fries [After]

[Sour apple Marg.]

And they say a kidd can't make it in the big city. phhh! please...BBQ'S is all I need!