Thursday, December 18

50 Cent Explains Why He & Floyd "Money" Mayweather Got Into A Fight

ESPN got the scoop from the horses mouth on what went down.

ESPN: There are a lot of rumors out there that you got into a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Any truth to it?

50 Cent: Yeah, we got into a little scrap, a little boxing match. Well, it wasn’t really much of a boxing match because he hit me in the back of my ear. He’s so fast, he’s just so fast. The thing about it is, everyone who is around him works for him. And for a second, he tried to talk to me like I was one of the people working for him. He tried to tell me what to do so I grabbed him. I snatched his little ass up then he hit me and was like “What’s wrong with you?” We were mad for a second, but then everything went back to normal.

ESPN: What was the fight over?

50 Cent: He was going to do the match in WWE at Wrestlemania and he started telling everyone that I was going to be there. So everyone got all excited and started asking me if I was going to come, and I was like, “If you’re really getting $20 million for this, then give me some money. He was sitting there with a million dollars cash in a bag, and he kept telling me he was going to get me money for appearing, but I was like “No, give me some of that money right there.” He had one million dollars in the bag, it was physically right in front of me, so why should I have to wait to get paid? Just give me that money right there. He wasn’t with it, and that’s how it all started.

ESPN: Is everything cool between you guys now?

50 Cent: We were cool right after it happened. Floyd and I have always been cool. Something about us, we have a connection. He’s like my brother from someone else. I’ll tell you the ill part: When he was getting ready to fight De La Hoya, I said something to him that made his entire face change. He was bugging out. I said “Floyd, are you ready?” He was all hyped, pounding his gloves. He was ready. But I was like “I don’t know how you do this.” And he didn’t understand. He started talking about how I perform in front of people all the time. But then I said: “Yeah, but I ain’t never been in a room where everybody came to see me lose.”

Sure, there are a lot of haters out there, but if you pay to see me, you’re paying to see 50 keeping it hot. They’re supporters of the actual music. You’re not there to boo me. When people boo Floyd, a lot of times it’s because they don’t like what he has to say. They mistake his confidence for arrogance. But how do you not become confident when you’re the undisputed pound-for-pound best fighter on the planet? He believes in himself so much, and people really don’t like how he focuses on money, but they need to focus on his talent. If they were pointing out how talented he was, he wouldn’t have to call himself “Money” Mayweather. It’s the same way when people don’t acknowledge me for writing about the harsh realities. I sold over 36 million records and I don’t have a Grammy. My First album sold 13 million copies and I’m not Best New Artist? My first album is the largest debuting album in hip hop, period. But Evanescence won the Grammy. I felt like walking up on stage and snatching that award. It should’ve been mine.

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