Sunday, November 23

On the Street: In Layers

Alright you guys, winter is around the corner and it's time to layer in style. What I hate more than anything in the winter, is to see a guy/girl bundled up in tacky layers. When it comes to layering, my philosophy is "Be stylish." This is your time to shine! It all starts with the guy in your head, at lease that's what I like to believe. For starters, know the style you would like to achieve, don’t just throw on anything. If its a look that came out of a fashion mag, fine...own it! Make it your own look. If you don't know where to start, always start with a scarf or shawl and make sure it's applied properly. Ya'll know how I am about my scarves! If your stuck on finding a color, just remember bright scarves work well with more subdued outfits. Next, your gonna bring in a nice cardigan or sweater of some sort, to tie into your look. If it's calling for more than that, throw a jacket of your choice over the already layered ensemble to complete the look. Make sure the jacket is in style and make sure it compliments what your going for. Don't be late!

The layered-look I went for in the photo below was the "so uncomplicated and fresh" look. This was achieved by working around my scarf and grabbing pieces that complimented the look that I was going for.

The outfit: Cardigan -H&M, Gray t-Shirt -Marc Jacobs, Scarf- Urban Outfitters, Tan Coat -Zara

See, it ain't calling for much....

Send in some pictures of your best layered look and I'll post it here on KidduNot!