Wednesday, November 5

Obama's victory speech and John's concession

Obama's victory speech (Above)at Grant Park in Chicago, IL on Tuesday (November 4), following John McCain's concession (Below). I loved John's speech....He handled himself well & gave a great speech. I, myself was impressed....He left in style and I like him for that.

This is one of the defining moments in my life. We came, we saw, we conquered!! America we finally got it right, our country will soon be moving again. McCain was a strong competitor, but that wasn't enough. The people needed more! We needed Barack Obama! Unfortunately, some americans didn't share the same hope. This morning I was channel surfing thru radio stations and people were calling into a certain station to voice their opinions on the results from last caller stated "the best man didn't win"...another said "American has it wrong" . I was thinking, what the hell? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion don't get me wrong, but I feel those callers are not willing to give Obama the chance to prove himself...To prove that he is more than just a black guy with great vocabulary. It's time to let his actions show! And like it or not, he now has the chance! THANK YOU AMERICA!!