Tuesday, November 18

New Site Section: Throwback Tuesdays

A Throwback is a timeless piece of fashion.

Yes... lol... I just said "a throwback is a timeless piece of fashion"

However, I do not agree that any jersey can and should ever be worn out of the house unless its wearer is planning on attending an actual sporting event. Yet nonetheless, the throwback is timeless because its application extends beyond the realm of fashion. A throwback becomes a TRUE throwback as years pass, and its value continues to rise. For example, consider when Michael Jordan retired from basketball (for the first time) in 1993. Then in 1994, he randomly, decided that he wanted to play professional baseball...

But his career was stagnant, and he never made it to the major league. In 1994, do you think anyone wanted a Michael Jordan Birmingham Barons Jersey #45? No! The entire world was mad at Michael for quitting basketball! But can you imagine the value of that Minor League Baseball jersey in 2008??? I actually tried a few years back (when Jerseys were going hard) to purchase an authentic Nike Michael Jordan #45 Chicago Bulls Black Alternate Away Jersey. (Sidebar: if your Jersey is an actual vintage throwback, it will most likely be made by Nike, because they had the NBA contract up until like 2004 before it went to Reebok and most recently Adidas.) When I finally found the jersey that I was looking for, it was going for upwards of $300!!! That's crazy because I remember going to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA as as little boy and passing over a 45 Jersey because I wasn't feeling Jordan at the moment, lol. But once the Jersey was retired, and Jordan officially retired, and time passed, the 45 has become priceless.

This is why throwbacks are important. As history changes, the throwback remains constant. Although people may not rock a throwback to the club, a true throwback will always remain a mainstay in society, and its relevance will remain insurmountable.

In this token, we at KiddUNot.com would like to announce a new section: Throwback Tuesdays, in which we highlight a great from the past, whether it's a song, an artist, an album, a trend, a movie, or even a jersey, you can expect Tuesday to be a day of reminiscence and historical-awareness.

WillyTee for KiddUNot.com