Sunday, November 30

My new thing is Boxing

Well tomorrow I start Boxing. Why you ask?... Well I am 25yrs old and I am not getting any younger. I am fine right now (in my eyes), but I believe I can be finer lol. The older you get the more you want to stay looking the same or improving. I never want to say “I use to be fine”. I have been on the sea food diet for some months now (I see food and I eat it LOL). Like my man Obama says its “time for a change"!!! I found a flyer promoting a boxing gym with a weight loss and fitness program. This seemed right up my ally. I would rather learn a skill while exercising then just working out. I know boxing is a a workout, but at least if I give up on boxing over time, I would have learned how to kick someone’s ass with some kind of professional skill.The owner and trainers name is Yahya Mcglain (, Yahya is a two time world heavyweight champion. Yahya also trained and spearheaded Laila Ali's entire boxing career at which some point they got married. They are not married any more. I have seen this guy; he looks like a mixture of Mr. T and a cast member of the movie 300. If he can’t get me in shape I might as well get in my bed, turn on “As The World Turns" and eat bonbons for the rest of my life. This is the plan Fam….Each week I will be updating the ya'll on my boxing endeavors along with what I eat for the week. Hopefully you guys can help me get though this with your support...and hopefully I can encourage some lazy butt like me to get up and get right. Pray for me please!! God knows I will need it from the looks of Yahya. If you have any healthy tips, let me know. I will make sure the Kiddunot fam hears about it.Yahya is located in downtown Atlanta , in a building that looks like a cross between the Michael Jackson Beat it video and all the Rocky movies. If you are on your get right plan like me, the KidduNot fam wants to know about your journey, so shoot me a email !!