Thursday, November 6

Michelle Obama: Fashion Icon or Fashion Flop?

On Tuesday Night, America's next first lady dawned a dress that caused both uproar and admiration from the fashion community. Many of her staunchest supporters (including blog argued that she should have went in a more conservative direction.

However, you have to really Get In to a higher level of fashion to appreciate what Michelle is wearing...

This Narciso Rodriguez’s Spring 2009 dress hit the runway LESS THAN EIGHT WEEKS AGO at New York Fashion Week!!!
AND it's not even IN STORES YET which means special arrangements were made between Michelle and Narciso.

Not to mention, Vogue has been campaigning for a Michelle Obama cover before since last September,” reports WWD. Just imagine how much Anna Wintour wants her now!!! Keep in mind, every first lady has had a write up in Vogue since Eleanor Roosevelt. But only one, Hilly Rodham Clinton Dec 1998 (which means they skipped right over Laura Bush) has graced the magazine's cover!

IMAGINE INAUGURATION BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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