Sunday, November 23

Lil Cease Hits Up MTV

This afternoon, Lil’ Cease and friends DJ Mazi O and Rich Nice dropped by the newsroom to visit Sway. Being a big fan of Cease’s style on Lil’ Kim’s debut album, Hard Core, I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to snap a photo.

After our impromptu photo shoot, Cease shared some info with us about his latest project, “Hard Body Fitness,” a series of unconventional fitness videos directed by Mazi O that are available on YouTube and a DVD soon to be released on

The rapper describes the videos as ” ‘hood official,” featuring techniques similar to calisthenics with a street perspective. Lil’ Cease and surprise guests demonstrate routines that can be done anywhere — from the gym to right on your block.

When asked what makes these videos different from other workout series, director Mazi O grinned, “You just have to check out the trailer.”

A quick search on YouTube revealed a clip dated November 4 that features Cease with Cardan and Havoc from Mobb Deep. In the video, Lil’ Cease is in a gym pumping some serious iron. It all seems like your average workout session until 1:31 into the clip, when Cease straps two huge car rims to his waist and does some pull-ups. Ouch! But it looked effective. Check it out for yourself.

By Daniela Capistrano

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