Monday, November 10

LATEboots Spring '09 test shoot

This weekend my time was filled with photography and friends. I did a couple of shoots that were amazing, shout out to LATEboots and Taste&Chic for the wonderful mugs that would make any photog's day! The shoot for LATEboots' upcoming line was inspired by a vintage rugby look...and later the shoot transitioned into a more sophisticated uniformed-look, almost giving you college prep-boy. It wasn't hard working with these faces, they just came to the shoot ready to work and I like their mugs sat STUPID! Especially Sham of She is every photographer's dream!!! From her jaw bone structure down to her charismatic behavior, the camera seemed to just adore her without any effort on her part! Her mug is simply powerful without any intimidation.

On the set:

Sham & I [ The Reality Series ] from LateBoots on Vimeo.