Monday, November 3

Last Day To "Rock Your Vote"

On the eve of this historic election, thousands of voters are gearing up to cast their final ballets. A record number of new voters are set to head to the polls tomorrow, in hopes of making a difference. And I hope your one of them. It's no secret who I casted my vote for. And no, I didn't vote for Barack solely because he was black. When I went to the polls, I put my comfort into Obama knowing he would take this country where it needs to be, he just so happens to be a black man.... I put my trust in him and I feel his campaign has been consistent on the areas they've touched from the jump. The Obama campaign has run a discipline one. Might I add, Obama's campaign isn't just a campaign, its a movement! The powerful forces who have ran his campaign for nearly 2 years, working day in and day out, have been phenomenal!...without even a slip-up! I need these guys on my team...Lately, Barack has been busy trying to sweep RED states out from under McCain, turning them to BLUE. Barack is seeming to be successful in that area, even gaining ground on McCain in McCain's home state....which says to me, we just might have our 1st BLACK President tomorrow. Don't take my word for it can't happen if we don't make it happen. So if you haven't voted as of yet, please take the time and endure the wait bacause a change will soon come!

Barack The Vote, if thats your thing....